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Twitter At Platform

Mar 15, 2010

Evan Williams was the keynote speaker on Monday’s session at SXSW. Evan announced Twitter’s At Platform to which allows twitter into websites. This feature shows a jquery tooltip when you hover over a link with a twitter name and allows you to follow them directly without going to your twitter tools or directly.

The at platform gives a platform to have you juice up your network and pull more twitter streams into the conversation.

Beyond Algorithms: Search and the Semantic Web

Mar 14, 2010

The Beyond Algorithms session at SXSW was filled with with an All Star cast. Danny Sullivan, Editor for Search Engine Land and one of the most respected thought leader was a surprise addition to the panel.

The semantic web has been the most emerging topic in search engine optimization and the overall usability of search engines. The term semantic web has a lot of different meanings from different people. My definition of semantic web is that it is a higher level, or more concise matching the search query to the user’s intentions. Continue reading

CSS Framework Battle Royale

Mar 13, 2010

I recently sat in on a CSS framework “Battle Royale” at the 2010 South by South West conference in Austin Texas. CSS frameworks really speed up the web design and development process.  We have designed sites with both the 960 grid system and blueprint before.  There are a lot of differences between the five main css frameworks, which I will discuss below. Continue reading

Optimizing a WordPress Post

Dec 9, 2009

This video the shows the proper on page optimization processes for a WordPress post. It covers the correct title structure, category alignment, more tag positioning and use of the All in One SEO plugin. There are hundreds of other factors that go into optimizing your WordPress pages. This tutorial shows the basic best practices for what to do with the default settings and the all in one plugin. Continue reading

SlickMap CSS Site Map

Sep 16, 2009

I added a SlickMap CSS site map to this site today. Slickmap provides a “mind-map” like sitemap. Surprisingly, you would think that this site map would have been written with jquery. However, it is written in pure CSS, with no javascript.

Site maps are a staple web usability feature. They give visitors a quick way to find information. Site maps are also great link juice for search engine spiders. Continue reading

Best Practices for on page WordPress SEO

Sep 12, 2009

I recently sat in on a best practices for on page WordPress SEO at WordCamp LA. We’ve been using WordPress as our blogging platform and CMS of choice since 2006. It was fun to hear other SEO consultants take on WordPress. Key findings :

  • The H1 Tag recently had its relevancy downgraded
  • Flat site architecture is the preferred structure for url’s. In the past, the /%category%/%postname%/ permalink structure was preferred. To keep it flat, use /%postname%/.
  • Continue reading

The official site of Joakim Soria launched

Jun 22, 2009

The official site of Joakim Soria has been launched

The official site of Joakim Soria has been launched

BigTuna Interactive just launched the official site of Joakim Soria. Nicknamed the “Mexicutioner”, Joakim is not only one of the best closers in baseball, but he is a huge fan favorite in Kansas City. We worked directly with the Kansas City Royals on the site’s launched, and it was quickly picked up by and other major publishers.

Highlights of the site include:

  • Professionally written content in both English and Spanish
  • Sharp design and clean code
  • Social media tools present throughout the whole site

We will continue to work with Joakim’s team as their agency of record.

Extreme Website Makeover

May 7, 2009

One of the most difficult tasks of leading volunteers is to get free work done on time. Everybody is busy and time is thin. During the 2008 Ad 2 San Diego board retreat, we talked about the need for a new website. The Communications Committee decided to meet in September, 2008 to start the project. Continue reading

BigTuna Interactive to work with Joakim Soria

Apr 29, 2009

Joakim Soria of the Kansas City Royals

Joakim Soria of the Kansas City Royals

BigTuna Interactive has signed an agreement to work with Kansas City Royals Closer Joakim Soria. We will be in charge of all of his interactive needs.  These include:

  • Web design and development
  • Content creation
  • Social media optimization
  • Web maintenance

Joakim Soria is one of the premier closers in Major League Baseball.  His new site will be in both English and Spanish. Stay tuned as we’re extremely excited to launch his new site shortly.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Apr 26, 2009

Ad 2 happy hour featuring spike jones

Spike Jones from Brains on Fire spoke at the April 24, 2009 San Diego Ad Club morning seminar.  On a whole, Spike was a great speaker. I really like how he integrated the entire word of mouth (WOM) spectrum through online and traditional mediums. Interesting facts:

  • 92% of word of mouth happens offline
  • Reframe the conversation.  It’s not about the product, it’s what you do with the product.
  • Movements are about getting people involved with events that they want to get involved with.  Campains have a start and end date.  Movements get people engaged.
  • Movements are a volumn dial.  Sometimes they run high or low, but they are always running.
  • Campaigns have the mentality of “us vs them” whereas movements have the attitude of “we’re all in this together”

7 Lessons learned from WOM movements:

  1. Passion conversation vs product conversation.
  2. Movements have inspirational leadership.
  3. Empower with knowledge. Give advocates background on the company, teach them how to use the technology, etc.
  4. Shared ownership.
  5. Make advoates feel like rock stars.
  6. Live online and offline.
  7. Move the needle.