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We’re Hiring Interns for our Austin, TX Office

Dec 10, 2013

Updated: June 11, 2015
Where California Meets Texas

Seeking Web Development/SEO and Account Management/Project Managemement Intern


BigTuna Interactive, an interactive agency specializing in web development and site optimizations. We are looking for bright and enthusiastic talent in the Austin area. An internship with BigTuna Interactive provides a unique opportunity to participate in various aspects of digital marketing, like website development, web design, search engine marketing, project management and more — an experience rarely available at larger agencies.


Dabble in nearly all aspects of interactive marketing in order to effectively determine what specialty is relevant to your interests and talents and begin developing your career path in interactive marketing.
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Responsive Design

Sep 6, 2012

Responsive Design

Responsive web design is one of the latest web buzz words. Responsive design is the web design and website development approach that allows your website to adapt to your browser size, albiet it web, tablet or mobile.

Flexible grids, or responsive design, is not a new technique. Fluid markup has been around for a very long time. Clients can be lead to believe that a responsive design approach is a one stop shop for all of your device needs, but that is not always the case. In this article, we will list the pros and cons of responsive design. Continue reading

Web Design Processes

Aug 16, 2012

Web Design Process

After four years of accumulating experience with numerous web redesigns and new web builds,our web design processes down to a science. In this blog article, we would like to walk you through our approach to web design.

Whenever we start a new project the first step is always gathering information. To create a successful website, design is only a small portion of what makes it work. Defining the purpose, goals, and target audience are 3 important categories that lead both the design and development stages. Our information gathering stage consists of three major components:

  1. Web Analysis and usability testing of current site
  2. Stakeholder interviews
  3. Content curation and analysis

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SXSW: Steven Krug Usability Session

Mar 15, 2011

Author/Usability testing guru Steven Krug gave a closing presentation at the 2011 SXSW Interactive Conference. We’ve been a huge fan of Steven Krug’s principles since we first his book, “Don’t Make Me Think”.

Key usability principles:

  • 3 testers are plenty
  • Have the observer be monitored from a different computer
  • Dont be too fussy to make sure the testers are from your target market
  • Record the sesssion. We use Silverback for our usability tests
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SXSW: How Print Design is the Future of Interaction

Mar 12, 2011

9:30 panel: Mike Kruzeniski, Creative Director for Microsoft gave a steller Saturday morning presentation for How Print Design is the Future of Interaction.  He started with a great history of UI design, and then incorporated best practices of print design, as now applied to web design.

Key learnings:

  • Icons are only useful if everyone understands what it means. This is a great principle to follow.
  • Grid based designs speed up your development systems as we as increases the user experience. It helps form the appropriate amount of white and negative space.  We’ve been a huge fan of a modified version of the  960 grid system for our web designs.
  • The Flipboard RSS reader provides a print page like interface and provides a cleaner RSS reader experiencee.

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