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Top 5 WordPress 3.4 Features

Aug 25, 2012

Top 5 WordPress Green Features

WordPress differs from Drupal with their release candidates in that they release a new candidate every 3-4 months. WordPress “Green”, or version 3.4, was launched in June. Drupal, on the other hand, launches a new “release series” every 1.5 to 2 years. Right now, Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 are supported. We will talk about the different philosophies for each of those CMS’s in future articles and how they effect your web development efforts.

Each WordPress release has better security features. You should always keep your WordPress Updates current and make sure that you are using the latest release. Otherwise, you may need some WordPress Malware removal help. We recommend the team at Sucuri for their assistance.

Top 5 features for WordPress 3.4

5. Embed Tweets
Paste the permalink of the Tweet inside the post and it will automatically show up in your post. This can really help speed up article writing and can be a nice way to supplement your social media efforts.

4. Shorthand URLs for Login, Admin, and Dashboard
Instead of using /wp-login, /wp-admin, you can now use shorthands /login, and /admin. These links only work if you don’t have pages of posts with the same slug. This really just makes the login process a lot more client friendly.
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Writing Plugins for WordPress

May 1, 2010

There were several plugin sessions at WordCamp San Francisco. Naill Kennedy, Joseph Scott and Michael “mitcho” Erlewine gave two different presentations during the morning esssion.

Naill Kennedy gave a high level overview of writing plugins for WordPress. Naill’s main points were:

Why would you write a plugin for WordPress? First of all, it can serve your own needs. Google and just developed new plugins that integrated with WordPress. This allows you to improve customer engagement outside of your original site.

A second reason to write a plugin is to increase traffic back to your site. In the plugin admin center, you are given a link back to your site. While this link is not indexed by the search engines, it is a great way to drive traffic back to your site. You do get a link from the WordPress plugin directory. Continue reading