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Concepting for Conversation

Date Published: Jun 7, 2011

To kickoff the tracks at the 2011 San Diego Ad Club Interactive Day, Josh Rose spoke about the creative process and the new social consumer.  Key learnings:

  1. Consider the conversation, not just the content.  Comments can have a greater effect on the brand than the original content.
  2. Feedback from social media should be part of the creative process.  Tools like hootsuite, tweetdeck, Lithium, etc are great for social monitoring.
  3. Causes can be great engagement tools.
  4. Some creative campaigns have a hook.  These would be unique product tutorials (will it blend) or jib jab like tools where customers participate in the creative process.
  5. For crisis management, stay on track by asking your team open ended questions to help find creative solutions. “What if this never happened, what would we do.”
  6. Focus on making headlines, not reading headlines.

On a whole,  Josh’s presentation was solid.  It was great to get some behind the scenes look of some wildly successful campaigns.

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