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Email Marketing

Email marketing is flat out the most cost efficient way to stay in front of your customer. Strategic email approaches, such as drip email automation, can help you segment your customer base and serve the right offer at the right time. Email marketing services include:

Email Creative

Our San Diego web design services offer the latest designs and innovation in email creative. Email creative, on a whole, balances your business objectives against email client {Outlook, Gmail, Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc} restraints. By gracefully balancing img and body copy, you can get your offer across in a professional manner.

Email Coding

Email coding is very retro, circa 2000! Emails must be coded using tables. Tables coding were how early websites were developed, before the adoption of CSS. Email clients do not render external style sheets, so emails must be coded using what's called inline styles. img also do not load on certain mobile devices and if the email recipient has their img turned off. By properly placing tags on the img, the recipient can still see what elements were meant to be placed there. Our email campaigns are tested on every email client to ensure that the recipient sees what was initially designed.

Event Drip Automation

The beauty of email campaigns are that you can automate them to reach your subscribers at the right touch point in the buyer life cycle. Our event drip automation services include:

  • Mind Mapped strategy of the different email opportunities throughout a customers life cycle.
  • Creative development.
  • Automated setup with variable placement.

Platform Management

There are numerous different platforms out there. Our favorite is Mail Chimp. However, depending on your list size and budget, Blue Hornet, Emma, or even Constant Contact may be more appropriate. We have experience and serve as a reseller for most platforms and can guide you to the right platform selection.

Client Campaign Past Creative Samples.

We have designed email campaigns for a variety of industries. Check out past email creative by clicking on the thumbnails.