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Paid Search

Paid search (also known as pay per click or PPC) is one of BigTuna Interactive‘s core competencies. Paid search is the best technique to instantly drive qualified traffic to your website.

BigTuna Interactive implements a holistic approach to paid search management. Our cycle consists of driving qualified traffic to a well optimized page, and then continuining the cycle until desired convesion rates are obtained. How do we do it?

Qualified Traffic

It doesn't matter how much traffic your ads are driving, if it is the wrong traffic, the ads will never convert. The first step in a successful paid search campaign is to define the appropriate keywords and bidding strategy. This will ensure that you are paying the right price for the correct words. The next step in qualifying your traffic is to continuously test your ad copy. Your base ad copy will always be tested against one or two "copy challengers".

Optimized Landing Pages

Ad positioning is based on your quality score, which based how well your landing page is optimized. Once you have your keyword density and page copy optimized, you should be presenting different variables to your visitor. The process of presenting different variables on a landing page is called landing page optimization. This can be done through A/B or multivariate testing. Sample variables to test are your page's copy, layout, "hero shots", calls to action and many more. Your paid search conversion rate can be positively effected by a well optimized landing page.

Campaign Reach

Depending on the goals of your paid search campaign, there are a variety of different campaigns that we can execute. These campaigns include:

  • Geo targeted
  • Content network
  • 2nd and 3rd tier Ad networks

Analysis and Reporting

Your paid search campaign could always be better, even if you are receiving a good conversion rate. BigTuna Interactive continuously monitors steps one and two and makes the necessary adjustments to improve.