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Social Media Optimization

Are you participating in the online conversation? Social media optimization is a growing trend in online marketing. Below is a list of social media sites and services that may be appropriate for your situation. Having a profile is a start, but having a social media strategy and executing is how you maximize your online presence. Keep in mind though that you should never fall in love with any social media platform, as the industry is continuously emerging.

San Diego Social Media Services

Blogging Strategies

Blogging often serves as the hub for social media activities. BigTuna Interactive is a huge supporter and advocate for WordPress. WordPress is an open source blogging/content management system. It offers top of the line code, plugins and applications. By giving your audience fresh content with the ability for them to comment, you are providing an excellent platform for feedback. WordPress posts can also automatically be inputted into other social media platforms, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Our blog offerings include:

  • Content creation strategies and execution.
  • Guest blogging programs.
  • Platform development.
  • Advanced widget and WordPress plugin development


Facebook morphed from a place to keep in touch of friends to an outlet to converse with your customers. The true value in Facebook lies in how well your Facebook FanPage is customized and if you are developing engaging applications. Facebook Ads also provide a very cost effective way to reach your target audience. People often forget the "media" aspect of Social Media. Our Facebook services include:

  • FanPage kickoff and FBML (Facebook Markup Language) box customization.
  • Facebook Connect integration
  • Application development.
  • Ad media buys and reporting.


Twitter is extremely addicting and provides instant monitoring over your brands keywords and an outlet for customer service. Twitter feeds can be incorporated into your blog or facebook page. Twitter can be a great source of direct traffic; however the links have "no follow" tags, so search engines do not deem them relevant. Our Twitter services include:

  • Profile graphics and customization.
  • Follower/Following strategies, guidelines and execution.
  • Twitter application development through their API.

Video Search Engines

YouTube is the second most used search engine! If your company is not producing videos, you are missing out on a huge traffic segment. In addition to YouTube, there are a plethora of other video search engines that are gaining traction as we speak. Our video services include:

  • Video search engine optimization
  • Content strategies
  • YouTube brand channel customization
  • YouTube media buys
  • Video production through our strategic partners

Social Media Analytics

Technology has caught up to social media! You are now fully able to monitor mentions in twitter, blogs, forums and news outlets in real time. You can also guage brand sentiment and analyze this through a period of time. All of our San Diego Social Media campaigns come with measureable analytics. Our favorite social monitoring solutions include:

  • Scout Labs
  • Radian6
  • Twitalizer (twitter only)

Social Ethics

Social media developed a new line of spam. These spammers are the conscious (equal number of followers to following in Twitter) to the unconscious (Facebook users with no etiquitte!). We abide by the Social Media Business Council‘s code of conduct. New FCC regulations require full disclosure. Play honest or pay up!