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SXSW: HTML5 – The Web is Dead

Date Published: Mar 13, 2011


The Sunday, 3:30 session at SXSW’s Designer/Developer track was “HTML5 – The Web is Dead, baby”. HTML5 is a technology that we have utilized for iPhone development at Treeline Interactive, BigTuna Interactive’s strategic partner.

To start the HTML5 discussion, Emily Lewis mentioned that her favorite aspect about HTML5 is that it provides a more semantic markup for front end development. Its format really gives a consistent page structure, which will remove code bloat, thus making it more search engine friendly. The tagging hierarchy is clean and search engine spiders can understand content easier.

Presently, HTML5 is perfect for mobile applications. You can build a mobile app, which will work consistently across all platforms with HTML5 very cost efficiently. Erik Klimczak stated that gaming is a great application for HTML5. He also said that TweetDeck for Chrome is better than the Adobe Air TweetDeck platform. The HTML5 markup makes the pages load faster in the Chrome browsers.

Branden Hall, CEO of Automata Studios spoke how HTML5 can be used in substitute for flash. This will make the page accessible to both users with disabilities and for mobile platforms. Charts and other data formatting can be stylized on the fly with HTML5 as well.

Our policy for HTML5 is to strictly use it when the project requires its markup and it can be used to help the client achieve their business objectives. It should not be used for marketing or coolness purposes!



Mar 14, 2011



It’s important to remember with mobile apps that there is no real memory management with HTML5 so the more complex your solution gets the more it can start to slow down. While HTML5 can be a cost effective solution for a simple app, it can actually cost more(money and time) than a native app if you really want to leverage its full power.

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