Extreme Website Makeover

Ad 2 San Diego Extreme Website Makeover from Ad 2 San Diego on Vimeo.

One of the most difficult tasks of leading volunteers is to get free work done on time. Everybody is busy and time is thin.  During the 2008 Ad 2 San Diego board retreat, we talked about the need for a new website.  The Communications Committee decided to meet in September, 2008 to start the project.<!--more-->

Website planning

During the project kickoff, a club member mentioned that if we wanted to, we could complete the site in a day.  Well…push came to shove and procrastination got the best of us.  Come January, 2009 there was still no website!

We decided to put our leadership skills to work, and have an “Extreme Website Makeover Day” in which we create a documentary on how to build a new Ad 2 website in a day. This would consist of creating a video (produced by award winning AliVega Productions) on the project steps and implementation on how to build a stellar site.  Furthermore, we were testing a model where volunteers gather on a Saturday, turn the cell phones off, hunker down and hammer out some work.

Prior to the “Extreme Website Makeover Day” tasks were organized and divided into categories (design, development, copy writing, and online marketing).  Everyone had a solid understanding of their role before they started the project. The board approved a $75 food budget and we had office space donated by a club member.

Extreme Website Makeover Day was started with a general meeting.  From there, Group Leaders met with their teams of 2-3 people.  Each grouped worked amongst themselves for 2 hours, and then the Group Leaders gathered to discuss progress.  Throughout the day, participants were interviewed in a confessional booth, circa “The Office”.  We broke for lunch, and then continued in the small team format for the rest of the day.

The format worked great, with the exceptions of technological hiccups!  We ended up spending an hour on some programming glitches, which frustrated some members to the point where they called it a day.  The format also gave members in hiring positions the ability to see how people perform under pressure.  Ad 2 San Diego plans on using the same “Extreme” format for future club assignments in which deliverables need to be produced.