WordPress vs Drupal


January 17, 2023 This article was originally published in 2011 and has been updated for 12 years now!  Some web development best practices, or rather, common practices, have changed during that time. This article is updated frequently as we hands on uncover differences between WordPress or Drupal. When we first started developing sites in 2007, […]

A Taste of Austin During SXSW


March 8, 2021 In Austin for SXSW? Howdy! Welcome to The State Capitol of Texas and The Live Music Capital of the World. Whether this is your first time visiting or you’re a regular, I’m sure you can agree that this city is absolutely incredible and has so much to offer. If you play your […]



September 19, 2017 On Wednesday September 13th, members of the BigTuna Interactive team attended the #imakealiving event hosted by Freshbooks at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q in Austin, Texas. This event focused around the idea that in today’s world, people make a living a lot differently than they did 10 years ago. The Panel The panel included: Spike Jones, Chris […]

Drupal 8 Development


May 3, 2016 Drupal 8 was officially launched in November, 2015. We have been fortunate to test Drupal 8 during its early development and as of today, have launched two Drupal 8 websites.  This article will serve as our Drupal 8 “wiki” where we share lessons learned with Drupal 8. What we like: Improved authoring […]

Texas State Mass Comm Week Presentation

October 30, 2014 Below is our presentation titled “On Website Optimization” that was presented to Texas State Students during their 2014 Mass Comm Week festivities.

Drupal SEO Planning for Success

December 17, 2012 Drupal SEO, focusing on site optimization, requires dedicated planning time and a solid drupal development strategy. Whether it be a new site, redesign, or new optimization project, the more time you can spend planning your Drupal site foundation, the less likely you will be to have duplicate content, slow page loads, irrelevant […]

Responsive Design

September 12, 2012 Responsive web design is one of the latest web buzz words. Responsive design is the web design and website development approach that allows your website to adapt to your browser size, albiet it web, tablet or mobile. Flexible grids, or responsive design, is not a new technique. Fluid markup has been around for a […]

SXSW: How Print Design is the Future of Interaction

March 12, 2012 9:30 panel: Mike Kruzeniski, Creative Director for Microsoft gave a steller Saturday morning presentation for How Print Design is the Future of Interaction.  He started with a great history of UI design, and then incorporated best practices of print design, as now applied to web design. Key learnings: Icons are only useful […]

SXSW: Q&A with Google and Bing

March 14, 2011 SEO legends Matt Cutts and Duane Forrester with Journalist Danny Sullivan headed up the Monday afternoon all star panel at SXSW. To summarize: Matt talked about penalities and said that 30 days can be a normal “minor” penalty. These may be if your site got hacked and malicious code got inserted. If […]

Twitter at Platform

March 15, 2010 Evan Williams was the keynote speaker on Monday’s session at SXSW.  Evan announced Twitter’s At Platform to which allows twitter into websites.  This feature shows a jquery tooltip when you hover over a link with a twitter name and allows you to follow them directly without going to your twitter tools or […]